Another Day Another Itemset

Continued HK Item Randomizer

As I said yesterday, I woke up at the toll bench in City of Tears, and went down to collect my third nail upgrade before setting out to collect more items. At this point, the world is wide open to me and I just need to decide what is the best use of my time. So, I decide to hit up the Ancient Basin. In recent runs, basin has been very good item-wise - the pale ore was a relic, the fountain was Grubberfly’s, the King’s Idol under the Mawlurks, however, was Monarch Wings ( almost perfect placement given the next item would have been the Monarch Wings item, which was another relic).

From here, the world is completely opened to me except for shade dash areas (which there are only like three or four of note). I decide to head into Deepnest since I have the Tram Pass and it is a quick hop from Ancient Basin. The Vessel was a Vessel, Nosk’s Pale Ore was a relic, the Tram Pass item was the Distant Village stag, which was really nice since that is basically a short-cut.

I head into the Distant Village even though I do not have the Dreamnail, yet. My thinking was that I could gather the relic and clear my way to the bench, and when I get Dreamnail later, I could just bench-warp back. From here, I head out to get into the Weaver’s Den, where I collect a relic and a charm notch.

At this point in HKIR runs, I have exhausted a lot of what I can do to get a bunch of items. I decided that the last true “get a bunch of items” run was Kingdon’s Edge. First, I collect the relic item directly up the wall, then head over to do Hornet2. From there, I drop down to do the Nail Master and to pick up Quickslash’s item. Then, I bench-warp back to the camp and head up for the coliseum and the Pale Lurker (there are two King’s Idol item pickups; one on the way and one at Pale Lurker). All tolled, I pick up more non-progression items, but still have yet to find my third dreamer or the Dreamnail. Again, I am running out of runs that collect lots of items.

Since I picked up the Monarch Wings, I bench-warp back to Crystal Guardian and do his second fight. Finally, I get the Dreamnail. Next I head over and clear my way to the Queen’s Gardens stag station. Not much to speak of item-wise, but I am collecting a lot of charms/notches/masks/vessels at this point.

Lastly, I do a bunch of bench-warps all over to collect stuff I had to leave behind because I was missing a progression item - Bretta (and her item back in Dirtmouth), the dreamers I had to leave behind, and finally did Uumuu and collected that item.