Quick Update on Deployment

Github Actions

I used to deploy these posts via Travis-CI, but I decided to give Github Actions a try since we have had good experiences with them at work. So far, I like it. It makes it really simple to draft a new release (blog post).

Minor HK Randomizer Update

I played some more on my save from yesterday this morning and started into the Fungal Wastes. Pretty quickly, I ended up finding the Mantis Claw, which means that I have Isma’s, Claw, and Cloak. Essentially, the entire map is opened up for me. I immediately went to Salubra to do a quick shade skip to get into Blue Lake, collect the item at Dreamnail and Dreamshield, then I doubled back into the City of Tears. I had also picked up a Pale ore somewhere along the way, so I decided to get the two items in the elevator from Resting Grounds area, grab the two items at King’s Station, then headed to get the bench in the Spire. I did not continue up the Spire because I wanted to run over and grab my nail upgrades first (since I had a Pale Ore, I could get two).

From there, I went up to the toll bench and continued up to get the next stag at City Storerooms, which means four more items: the key item, the stag item, and the Wanderer’s Journal outside that, and the Vessel Fragment item. One of these items was Crystal Dash, and the other ended up being Desolate Dive, so I decided to take a detour and do Soul Sanctum. Lastly, I dropped down to sell to Lem.

From there, I warped back to the Spire and did Watcher Nights, even though I did not have the Dreamnail, to get the chest item which was a Pale Ore. From here, I warped back to Resting Grounds to collect the items in the grave and found another Pale Ore (although, I only now realized that I did not check the Grey Mourner), so I warped back to the toll bench in City of Tears and prepared to get my third nail upgrade.