We Secure, Baby!

I played with Let’s Encrypt and eventually got it working, as well as all the correct redirects and whatnot. I am happy to say that my SSLLabs score is a solid A. This was actually quite a bit easier than I had originally anticipated. The CertBot application provided by EFF was extremely intuitive, and after setting up the certificates (and a cron job to acquire new certificates twice a day… which seems aggressive, but it was recommended) the nginx configuration was relatively straight-forward.

Now that the bookkeeping (one of my favorite words in the English language as it has three consecutive double-letters) is done, I can focus on improving some of the functionality and aesthetics of this lil’ blog. I think my next item in the TODO list is the create a more robust user profile set of settings (no registration yet, but it would be nice to change some of my things a bit).