Wrapping Up a Fun One

Picking Up…

The only thing left to do was the small one-two item runs to try and find the last dreamer (Monomon, but you know… it does not matter which). So, I ventured into the Waterways to collect the Flukenest item and the Godtuner item. One was the Grimchild, so I went back to Dirtmouth to fight Grimm and collect another item (garbage).

Then, I started doing all the minor offshoots I could think of. The first one was to go back to the Abyss now that I had Shriek, but I loaded up Jonie’s Blessing, Core, and Unbreakable Heart to get into the blue cavern first. At the Arcane Egg item I picked up Monomon, so I skipped the rest and benchwarped back to Dirtmouth and equipped my fighting charms and traveled to the Black Egg to end the Hollow Knight.

All together, a very fun run. I liked getting so many progression items early as it made the world open to the point of having seemingly limitless possibilities. The run I did prior was so cursed, by comparison, that it was nice change of pace.

New Run!

I still had some time before work, so I picked up a new save. This time, am I going to do a blind check against the spoiler log to ensure I am getting the items correctly here.

For anyone looking to give it a try, the seed is 595261494.

Fury of the Fallen item was Desolate Dive, which is always a fun one since it can act like Vengeful Spirit and open up Greater Bauldar blocks to get into Greenpath and the Bauldar’s Charm item. My next stop is almost always, and it is definitely when I get an early spell, the Brooding Mawlek. Desolate Dive makes the fight trivial - slap twice, back up to avoid the melee, come back and slap twice. If he does the big spit, pogo 2-3 times then DDive him. Rinse and repeat ezclap. Unfortunately, it was just a Hallownest Seal. From there, I go pick up the Mask Shard item via the Vengefly skip… and it was Monomon. So, from here the Crossroads will be infected, which means that I have to go to Gruzmother and collect Sly before heading up to the Stag station.

The Stag item was another Hallownest Seal. I headed back to Dirtmouth to collect the item at that Stag and it was a Pale Ore - very nice early-game item since historically I have not had the luxury of Nail upgrades (last run was special) early. False Knight was a Simple Key, and his chest was a Charm Notch… but I do not have any charms yet.

At the Ancestral Mound, I got the Tram Pass and another Pale Ore. If I can find another Pale Ore on the way to City of Tears, I can actually get three Nail upgrades once I am there, which is basically cheat-mode before Soul Sanctum or Watcher’s Spire. I stopped playing here… it was time for work.

Next Time

I, actually, have a few ways I can go, at the moment. I need to double-back to Dirtmouth at some point to see what Sly has, but I can go Greenpath or Resting Grounds since I have Desolate Dive and the Tram Pass. Greenpath has a lot of items in it, but sort of expects that you have Mouthwing Cloak for several of them (Thorns of Agony item, for example). Resting Grounds with Desolate Dive is pretty easily four items (maybe five… I can’t remember how many are accessible in the graves before picking up Monarch Wings or Mantis Claw). I will probably do Dirtmouth, then Resting Grounds, then Greenpath and figure it out from there.